Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Boys and Books

On January 6, Whitmore Library will be hosting a special program for Adults, aimed at anyone who is concerned about getting boys to read.

Parents and educators alike will tell you that the love of reading (sadly) doesn’t always come naturally to boys. As a story in (1/25/05) put it “girls read; boys don’t.” Is there anything a concerned adult can do? Ann Cannon’s experiences as a teacher of children’s literature, a bookseller, a writer, and a mother of five sons have convinced her that the answer is yes. She’ll discuss strategies and specific titles that have been successful with real live boys.

This special program is especially for parents and is presented at the Whitmore Library, 2197 Fort Union Blvd., Salt Lake City, 84121-3139. Adults only. This speaker is provided by the Utah Humanities Council.